Komp. Pergudangan Arcadia
Jl. Daan Mogot Km. 21
Blok G 9 No. 8A.
Tangerang, 15122 - Indonesia

Phone : +6221. 2900 6199
Fax : +6221. 2900 6193
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PT UTF factory

PT. Unggul Tekno Filter is one of the major distributors and manufacturing for woven and non-woven synthetic filter media for industrial filtration process.

Our goal is to fulfill your filtration demands, which require a reliable quality of filter material, continuous technical support and fast delivery. We enter the Indonesian market by providing high quality products and excellent professional services. Our services are oriented toward complete customer satisfaction.

We distribute directly from our principal in China that also has been know as one of the major woven and non woven filter media manufactures in the world. With their support we have been able to meet all our customer needs in their filtration.

With our experience and knowledge, we believe we can give you our full technical support and our best solution to your company in order to achieve the efficiency in your filtration process.

In a filter process that uses filter clothes, the critical technical data is to determine the correct air permeability of filter clothes. The correct air permeability of filter clothes will create maximum filtration that will result in the increase of the capacity of production in a factory. It will increase the productivity and profit of a company.

PT Unggul Tekno Filter has the air permeability tester machine that will assist our customers in obtaining the correct air permeability of filter clothes to meet their needs. We are also ready to assist customers who need to know if they use the correct filter clothes.

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